The type of style that I plan on achieving to communicate through my portfolio is that of a Christian-oriented approach and most of the projects that I plan to demonstrate are those of the Christian-based industry displaying: branding, marketing, packaging, interactive, video, advertising, websites, illustration, and photography. I like along the lines of elegant and professional with minimal, simplistic branding.

The first portfolio I found at Portfolios and Arts Cases []. It is a Varenna 14″ x 11″ Leather Screwpost. There are other sizes to choose from. I like this because the surface is smooth and elegant leather. I go for leather because it’s durable and you can have your brand display nicely on it. Basic black most always works with any occasion or presentation. The screwposts keeps your pages from falling out. The one thing about real leather is that you pay the price for looking good. But it is your invest in a good portfolio to protect and preserve your projects in so choosing well is a must!


The second portfolio I found at Jerry’s Artarama []. Picturesque presentation cases from the way it looks may look expensive but it’s not. They’re very reasonably price for the quality. It’s said to be the best on the market as portfolios go. It has very nice feature with a fake leather material-durable vinyl. The ivory black color has a rich fine texture that creates a clean image so the viewer can concentrate on your projects and look forward to the content. The case contains 5-10 polypropylene pages sealed on three sides, featuring a deep black, acid-free insert and a transparency to show off your work.  The pages fit into a matte black multi-ring binder. There is an elastic strap on one side, a pocket on the other side for your comps and concept work and a place for business cards and CD-ROM discs. Some cases have shoulder strap for easy carrying. The acid-free page won’t cause transfer of printed images onto the page.


The third portfolio is from Rex Art []. The Prat Start SE Easel Binder is another elegant looking presentation portfolio that stands on its own for easier displaying on a table and page turning during an interview presentation of your project.   The surface of the binder is a traditional black laminated rigid cover easel construction. It is designed for horizontal presentation. It has a deluxe inside lining with a    1″ superior quality multi-ring non-snag mechanism. It comes with 10 Archival polyester pages which can be replaced with corresponding refills made of archival, super clear polypropylene sheet-protector with acid-free black paper mounting inserts sealed on three sides and are top loading.

NOTE: Just to mention, there are on-line services that offer a solution to bulky portfolios. They are called U-Build-A-Book []. You can get a quote for 1-39 books or 40+ books. Customize it the way you want it. Think about your budget before considering this unless you want to invest later on. Thatcher Design [ ] is a nice example of a Christian-based on-line portfolio website. But remember it’s best to have the physical portfolio on hand in case of a power or technology failure.


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