Welcome to my Design Blog!

I love writing about art and design just as much as I love creating art and design. My articles relate to Christian, marketing, advertising, multimedia, video, illustration, and branding. In these articles I share my knowledge of design and keep up with the trends and technology and interactive with the people and companies I work with. I’d also like to share how I create projects from start to finish. Whether I talk about publication design, print, web design, packaging, environmental graphics, copywriting, materials that designers love—there something here for everyone.

My main goal of my blog is to help solve design problems. Graphic Design Blender is a great designer place that I go to, to keep up on the latest advice. It’s a good thing to do because that way you can find out what another designer is looking for and it can add to your research into improving design and helping fellow designers at the same time.

Hope you come back to see what I’ve got going on here at Mega Grafx Studio….

You can also find me here


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